Luxury Ceiling Designs for the best look of your homes

luxury-ceiling-design-ideas for your homes

Are you looking for some ideas to spruce up your ceilings? If you don’t want to have improper ceilings which will result in ugly house appearance, you need to find some alternative solutions.  Here, you need to know in a brief all about ceilings, especially the types of ceilings. Classified from its materials, there are at least three main types of ceilings. They are gypsum ceilings, metal ceilings, and plaster of paris ceilings.

The first type of ceiling (gypsum) is the most commonly used ceilings since they have some of these characteristics: light weight, flexible, and fire resistant. Gypsum panels can be made square or narrowed and the gaps between the panels can be filled in.

On the other hand, Metal ceilings are favored especially by interiors that require one of these criteria: minimalistic, clean look, and strong power. That’s why metal ceilings are often installed for industrial buildings or places with heavy machinery.

What about the last type of ceilings – plaster of paris? This type of ceilings is great as it hardens quite instantly, and it can be stuck on any board including fiber board which then can be suspended from the ceiling. Finally to learn how to make luxury ceiling designs, you have to look at the following pictures and get the inspiration. (ed-)


luxury-ceiling-design-ideas-for the best look




luxury-ceiling-design-ideas-for your homes




luxury-ceiling-design-ideas with elegant themes













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